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Three hours remain when this posts (I’m able to schedule the post). I need a touch over 800 to cover the rent, late fee, and the water bill that I’m behind on (which is small all things considered). Only use PayPal. If you have a credit/debit card, you can send funds instantly, you don’t need to do a transfer, etc. A lot of people may not always realize that. Unless you want to specifically help toward storage, which has a little more time, but not much, PP is the best way.

I cannot afford to move. My parents are gone, my sister only speaks to me if she “absolutely must” and my brother can’t afford to do much (he’s also 600 miles away with a crowded house himself, so not only can I not move in with him, but little help is available from him. It’s okay. He’s still a better person than some people I’m related to.) Most of my friends are either full up on space or they’re in similar predicaments as I am.

So, I’m still stuck. Most of my friends are trying to figure out why I haven’t been able to get a decent job yet (decent as in pays enough to live on, is not retail or call centers, etc… something I can do without sacrificing my physical or mental health). I apply and get rejected. Not even an interview. Yes, it’s frustrating. I know, somehow, I will get work, but right now, no job will pay my rent today.

Being sick isn’t helping me right now either. Nor is the PTSD. Yay me! Not. I need to head out the door and catch a streetcar right at the 3 hour mark, so this is scheduled. I should be home in time to see what has transpired before the deadline…. hopefully a small miracle.



PS: The Feature Image is my Fuzzy Little Sister, Skunky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge some years back. She was a miracle of a cat. Outdoors (parents decision), loved by everyone in the neighborhood, and lived to be around 18 or so… She was a wise and calm cat (who lost her balance a lot and proved that cats don’t always land on their feet). She loved everyone, humans, cats, dogs, you name it. Everyone. I wish we could all be more like my Skunky. She was a wise soul.



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