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2 hours remaining #crowdfunding #urgent #eviction

I’m setting this up in advance as I’m sick and need a short nap. I called the clinic and they suggested I not come in so as to not spread whatever I have. It’s frustrating when you have year round allergies and get colds, so it takes a while to figure out which one you have. I should have figured it out when the Singulair wasn’t helping (as it hits both asthma and allergies). But I’ve been a bit clueless about some routine-like things of late.

I can only hope good things happen between the time of writing this (around 3pm) and when it posts (4pm), but I know miracles are hard to come by… even at this time of the year. Every bit helps, but little bits would have to come from lots of people in a short amount of time… very short.

Yes, for the record, that picture is me… in high school. Sophomore year. I miss wearing fedoras. Dork then? Dork now. Some things never change.




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