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12/11: The Day Dragon Questions Her Own Sanity & #crowdfunding

Forever #crowdfunding, k? One day, it will switch over to a kickstarter for the anthology, but not today. Today is the countdown. Today gives me -at the time of writing this- just under 29 hours to scrounge up rent. I ask folks on WP, FB, Twitter, and Tumblr to share all over. I need a bit over 800 to cover rent, late fee and water bill that got tacked on (yes, I pay my water bill, but I get free internet, so no complaints). Will still need a bit more to cover storage as well… but this one first.

I’m amused…. sometimes too easily. I just posted on FB a random thought of “when will we get the dude coming out from behind the cameras or curtains telling us we’ve been punked by this election.” One of my friends has even shared it. It really does feel like we are being messed with. I don’t think it’s a bad dream so much as that we’re being punked…. a massive practical joke perpetrated by the Cheeto-Elect (I refuse to use that asshole’s name, sorry), some nefariously stupid TV producer (they do exist, trust me), and some really horrendous actors. There are some bad ones of those as well. Some of them even make decent money… but I digress.

This is what this all feels like. With the cabinet appointments that smack of payoffs and suck-upage, to the “I don’t need intel briefings every day…” Umm, yeah, you do, Moron-Elect.

I don’t even know what to think anymore. At first, it was any and all POC, refugees, women in general, and LGBT who should be most concerned… and while we should be (I’m female and queer/ace, get over it), I think everyone will get screwed over by this mess. Even those who voted for him. They will get screwed over. They have yet to see it, but they will. There is nothing genuine or honest about him. And don’t start on HRC. Has she made missteps in the past? Yeah… who hasn’t.

So for those B-Thumpers who love chapter and verse and misinterpreting the Bible (I have a few and am ordained…. don’t mess with me), do you remember when Jesus stepped in and saved a woman from being stoned to death (and it has nothing to do with pot, thank you)? Or did you skip over that part because it had that “long-haired Hippie preaching love?” He said “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Guess what? None of them could do it, as we are all guilty of sin to some degree. It may be minor (like me and my foul mouth) or breaking one of the Big Ten…

I ask then, why attack HRC? Because you don’t think a woman can handle it? She’s handled far more stressful situations than you could imagine, so sit your whiny ass down and STFU. AS for the embassy attack… not her fault. The R’s in congress cut embassy security funding… and try looking at how many died in embassy attacks during the years of your beloved R presidents.

Setting politics and faith aside, I question where I belong all the damn time. I always have. Even as a teen. I’m not like everyone else and I know it. So, I question my sanity and my own place in this world. I do what I can to survive, but it really isn’t enough. How do I manage my existence in a world of followers? I don’t know if I consider myself a leader, but I’m not one to blindly follow whatever crosses my path.

Unless it’s shiny and I can take it back to my lair on the mountain…. then all bets are off.




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