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Being a Dragon in a Human World #crowdfunding as usual

Yes, still #crowdfunding to keep me and the cats in our home for the holidays.

I certainly have my moments where I’m grumpier than average. I think being unemployed and under a crap-ton of stress makes me more that way. I try to put on a good face and be polite as possible, even when I’d much rather be at home, curled up under my blankets with music playing from my stereo… just drown the world out. Some of it is exhaustion from the stress, some of it is being an empath, some is the PTSD from stuff in my past.

But I put the smile on, do my best to behave and not go off the rails, socialize as best as I can. No, of course I’m not a real dragon… although I wish I’d been able to unfurl some badass wings and fly home today in the rain. Dragon is one side of who I am. Dragon represents my grumpier opinionated side. Penguin is more goofy. And then there’s just me. The oddball person who feels like she doesn’t fit anywhere. I have no interest in sacrificing who and what I am as a person to be accepted in society.

So here I am, baring my soul in my blog…. being patient…. well, trying to be. Hoping for a little more grace from the community around me to get me and the cats through another month. I have until 6pm Monday…

There are some things I can’t/won’t go into specifics out here on this blog. Details most people wouldn’t want to read anyway. But this is part of what I see as therapy. I will present my opinions, talk about my life and all the craziness that comes with it.




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