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So it begins… #crowdfunding

Got the ‘technically’ 72 hour notice for rent. Okay, the top of the form says differently… and yes, I’m amused by this. It’s the second month in a row where the notice has had some issue. But I know it’s a 72 hour time period. Granted, the 11th is Sunday and the office is closed, so I don’t know how to handle that part… I’d rather aim for Saturday the 10th. And yes, I still need to cover storage soon as well. I have some funds, but not nearly enough. I also needed to use some of that for cat food, so the 200+ from GFM isn’t all there anymore.

Time-wise, the GFM won’t do much good now as it takes too long. PayPal donation button will be MUCH faster.  I’m turning donations off on the GFM.

As for the title of this post… those who may remember a similar situation some months back where I posted at least once an hour one day to get more eyes on my blog and need for help. It did help overall. I wish I could say life has improved dramatically, but not yet. Read previous posts from the last few weeks…. you may understand a bit more of me and where I am overall. In short, if you don’t want to go back and read them, I am dealing with PTSD, feeling like I’m failing/flailing at life (school stuff and work search attempts ending in me getting rejected before an interview), and just trying to adjust to new meds and other crap… and just not feeling like life is going all that well. But I’m hanging in there.

Over the next day or so, I’ll post many different types of posts. I’ll likely do something recapping the suckiness of losing so many of our beloved heroes this year. But in general, the point of doing several posts will be to raise attention for my own urgent need to cover rent and storage. Storage has a lot of my fabric and other things. Again, there’s a post from sometime this past week that talks about why that stuff is important to me.

Feel free to share any posts you wish, or just the general blog itself. Any and all help, monetary or in the form of broadcasting my plea, is much appreciated.




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