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Odd Dragon Thoughts & #crowdfunding 

Oh, the auto-guess on this phone knows me too well. I do the hashtag (for us older folk, also called a pound sign), and it gives me #crowdfunding. Cat is still on my lap, so here goes a short-ish post.

I’ve lived in my current place for 7.5 years. We have casement style windows. The problem is that the living room window is really too large for being casement style  (these are the kind that open from the side). They’re either double or triple paned (so, thick and heavier than older windows). Every winter, I have to ask the maintenance guy to jimmy it and get it locked. The weight of the window doesn’t let the lock parts meet up. The bedroom window is a bit smaller and doesn’t have the same problem. It’s frustrating having to do this every year, but it’s a design flaw. I grew up with the same style in my bedroom. The window in question is 5 feet tall and 2.5-3 feet wide for the side that opens. The bedroom one is narrower.

I give JoJo latitude for laptime because she’s my grumpy 14 year old (15 in March) girl who used to hate belly rubs and burrowing under the covers and now loves having her belly fur “massaged” and burrows under my blankets at least a few times a week. That was a habit her baby brother Jack did. He also loved belly noogies. If you pet his belly nicely, your hand got attacked. If you did an aggressive belly fur ruffling, he’d writhe side to side loving it. He was my ham. 

He went into acute renal failure a few days after my birthday in 2010. Surgery was out of my budget and quality of life was questionable at best. I’ll have to do a full post on him one of these rounds. Pics and all, which are on the other computer (yes, using the phone still, but the chromebook doesn’t have access to his pics). I miss that monster. I held him in my arms as he passed away in peace. 8 years old and far too young. Even for a cat. 

The funny thing is that both girls have picked up some of his behaviors. JoJo I would expect, but Portia? I adopted her a few weeks later at roughly 4-5 years old. She never knew him.

Amyway, now I’m trying not to cry. I do miss that scamp.

Battery is getting low on the phone… and there’s an orange cat on my lap.




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