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Dragon checking in… #crowdfunding #election #help #emergency #eviction

Make this viral! So, I’ll touch on two subjects briefly before I try not to cry too hard as I go to sleep.

Election: This is going to be close and nasty. I see both of them getting over 270, so it’ll be who has a few more than the other. If this goes red, I and many others are fucked. I may be het-romantic, but being Asexual, I am technically Queer. So to live in a country that hates me and others like me makes me sick to my stomach. That second grad degree in Germany is looking really fucking good right now. I’m still hoping and praying to any god/God who will listen that Hillary gets more. It won’t be safe here.

Rent/Crowdfunding: I have 72 hours. Really a few less as I need to give them my rent “check” (money orders or cashiers check) before they close the office on the 11th at 6pm. I don’t have some savior here. The one person I’ve asked and been able to get a larger chunk in the past is strapped themselves. I haven’t asked one of the others… I don’t know if they’d be able to. The other two helpers… one I know can’t help at all, the other isn’t online much. I really am relying on word of mouth for folks to help me get this done. I’ve closed the GFM and removed it from this site. It won’t help in time.

The breakdown: $750 rent + $50 late fee = $800 needed to stay in the apartment. I would love a little more to cover some food, cat food and litter (both desperately needed), and maybe the $200 for storage… But rent comes first. Well, and cat food. Please. Oh crap… electric company wants money…. I really need one of these jobs to come through….

~Dragon hoping for a miracle



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