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72 hours left… #crowdfunding #urgent #makethisviral please?

I’ve received my 72 hour notice. It freaked me out at first, as someone put the wrong date as the deadline (saying tonight, when it’s the 11th). I now have a corrected notice. Here’s the thing: I’m not reaching enough people. Please help me boost this. I can’t afford to pay people or some agency to promote it. But I’m asking for a grassroots boost. I cannot move right now. I have nowhere to go. I need to stay where I am. So, now they need $800 because of the late fee. I have other expenses as well. But 72 hours…

Help me make this viral. I really need things to go through the PayPal Donate link. Not the GFM. GFM funds won’t be accessible to me in time. If fact, I’m going to shut it down. For now. Every bit helps. If all someone can do is $10, then share with everyone they know, then that’s still helpful. Even if you don’t have the $10… please share…. pimp my blog (especially this post) out to whomever will listen…. make it viral… I may not be some major fantastic talented person who can sing in Latin while balancing fine china on my head or anything snazzy like that. I’m a writer who has been a musician. Who is also an Archivist. Who has nowhere else to go if I’m evicted. Small donations from a lot of people can go a long way. Help me reach those people.

In case people are concerned about the name on the Paypal account, it is a business account. I switched my personal account to a business one years ago because I couldn’t have a checking account for a while and needed to be able to receive money for a while. So I have a debit card with it. It helps in times like this.



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