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Dragon Needs to Stay #pleasenoeviction #crowdfunding #emergency

So, I’m now officially late on rent. If it goes past the 7th, which is tomorrow, then the paperwork gets slipped under my door. After that, a couple more days and then the main office files eviction papers. I have nowhere to go. I can’t afford to move. I need to stay here as it’s the only place I can afford. I’m asking for people to share and spread the word as I keep up my job hunting and scrambling to cover everything else. Cat food and litter, storage, food for me, electric bill, etc… you name it. I’m almost out of cat food, the litter needs to be changed, storage needs to be paid as most of my fabric has moved back there now. I’ve now dropped 6 pounds in a little over a week, which isn’t a healthy speed. Granted, I do need to lose the weight, but this is not how I intended to do so.

I’ll get today’s poem up shortly…. I have some school stuff to do and apply for this one job before I get too distracted. I’m not sure how else to boost the signal other than encouraging people to share. Help however you can.

Thank you.




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