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11/5 Poem: History Ignored #poetry #crowdfunding

You know I’m going to pitch it…. if you can help out in any way financially, please feel free to either hit the PayPal Donate button or the GFM (I’ve changed the name again, as the longer this goes without my rent getting paid, the closer I am to eviction)… if you can’t, at least share my post, retweet it, however you think it can help. Even a few shares will hopefully help in time. And now for the poem of the day.

Baskets and Buildings
A city changing
Bricks and Iron
Hauled away
Replaced by
Shiny Steel and 
Erase the old
Ignore the history
New is not always
Ignoring the past
Leads us to repeat
What came of 
Forgetting it
The last 




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