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Random Dragon Things like #crowdfunding #smallpress #jobhunting

1] So, I spent a couple of hours earlier today fussing with the press website and a new Twitter account. @wolfeangelpress is now live. I also found a theme for the site that, while it doesn’t allow drop-down menus, it does have a plugin that does SOOOOO much more. I was kinda geeking out while playing with the settings…. it’s the little things, yanno?

2] CROWDFUNDING!! Yeah, I still need rent money. Kinda badly. I don’t want to ask anyone directly… but I may have to. As for local charities…. yeah, good luck with that. There are too many here who need help and nowhere near enough funding to help. This leads me to…

3] Job hunting. I’ve posted about this recently. If you’d told me a year ago I’d still be jobless, I would’ve laughed. I swore I’d be able to find work in a field other than what I’ve done by now. This hasn’t been an easy year. I keep trying, keep looking, applying, etc. My next “project” in my hunt is to craft a “letter of introduction” for companies that don’t post any listings or openings. Period. They just don’t. Not even on LinkedIn. There’s one main one that comes to mind. And they have offices all over, which would be good for the prospect of transferring to Europe. I won’t name them, though. Their site only lists an email for HR, no page with openings or anything.

4] Something I don’t talk much about publicly (at least I don’t think I do on here) is depression. I hate it, but it’s here to stay. I’ve never done well on the older SSRI’s, but most were tried around 20 years ago. Prozac was about 12 years ago. That was some nasty shit. I mean, I’d had suicidal thoughts before then, but I never wanted to slit my damn wrists so much as when I was on that crap. So, about a week ago, I saw my GP and got serious about it. I don’t like more meds. Other anti-depressant groups contain norepinephrine, which I can’t take due to my heart (tachycardia, pretty much all the time). She went digging through the list of SSRI’s again and found Celexa. So I’m on a 5mg dosage for the moment but I bump up to 10mgs tomorrow. Granted, if I can’t find the 6th half-pill in the bottle, I may bump up tonight.

Depression and my “brain fog” have hindered my ability to keep on school stuff, be more active, etc. Things like giving a shit about doing the dishes. When you live alone, you’re the only one to do it. The cats can’t. I have to.

5] Wrapping things up because I have other shit I need to do tonight: Over the next few days, I’m going to step up my blogging game and slam you guys with posts about all kinds of things. Each will likely have the crowdfunding link as well. There’s also the PayPal link in the sidebar…. use either one…. share my posts, links, etc…




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