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Dragon’s Manic Weekend

Schiesse! Man…. this weekend was nuts. My procrastination quirk kicked in hard.

Friday: on Thursday, I cut out one dirndl bodice pattern (Burda) and it was HUGE on me when pinned together. It’s also a more complicated pattern with five pattern pieces (center back, side back, side front, front shoulder-to-waist, front panels). Friday, I decided to see what the Folkwear pattern entailed. Now, it only goes up to size 16, and it’s a small 16. I decided I’d try it on Saturday.

Saturday: I found some other black cotton (barely had enough of the purple linen to make the actual bodice and skirt), cut out the 16 bodice… sewed it together (two pattern pieces, front two panels with darts and the back cut on the fold)… too small…. ugh. removed the darts from the waist…. still not quite meeting in the middle, let alone an overlap for the buttons and buttonholes. Added to the front panels for the button overlap… took a break amidst all of this and went to Button Emporium for some special fabric for the apron. Came home, continued sewing…. got the apron and dirndl finished. The blouse was not. It was cut out, but not sewn.

Sunday: Trying to sew the blouse ended up a disaster. I don’t like the pattern style. I also can’t find the instructions that came with that pattern, so I was winging it. I cleaned up, started to get dressed for graduation, which is what the dirndl was for, and remembered I forgot to sew the buttons on and open up the buttonholes. I had to leave a half hour later. Quick handsewing time getting the buttons on. Found a seam ripper (I must have at least 10, but can never find one when I need it), opened up the buttonholes. Got out the door and on my way to my graduation ceremony. Oh yeah, the bodice ended up too big now…. ARGH!!

The ceremony went fairly smoothly… a few friends showed up as well as my former boss and his wife. The room was packed. Our new dean was pretty nice, even has a sense of humor (not too sure of the last one’s idea of humor).

I came home and finished one of my assignments needed to complete the Incomplete in my database class. I have two more smaller assignments and that’s it. I need to do those in the next couple of days.

While the above paragraphs don’t truly show all the manic running around, panicking about the fit if the bodice, you name it, I was stressed out. But the ceremony went well… and one semester remains…

I’m still recovering from the constant craziness of the weekend, so I’m a little off today….




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