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Really, only one more month of this… (#crowdfunding #rent)

Still #crowdfunding #rent one last month. I’d love insight into how to get the shares/help needed without paying someone to help promote it. I simply ask that folks share. If you can’t donate, at least sharing within your extended networks. Share the GFM, share this post…

I’ll be able to get $250 via emergency loan from school…. but I still need to cover the rest of it. I know people are tired of me asking, etc… but this is the last of it. I have one job, am likely interviewing for a second one. School funds come in at the end of the month as well, so those will help. Rent will be late… I accept that. I hate it, but I accept it. This will hopefully be the last time this happens for a long time, if not ever again.

I hope this is also the end of the constant high level of stress I’ve been dealing with. Retail isn’t easy for me physically, but it is what it is and it’s what I’m able to get right now… maybe I can still muster the energy to find something better while doing everything else.

I need to go tackle the application for the $250…




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