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Early Dragon Gets… what? (#crowdfunding)

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Admittedly, I have been up for a few hours… I’m just now getting to writing something. I need to spend as much of my free time the next few days scrambling to get assignments understood and turned in before Sunday night.

All while more possible hours at the new job (‘on call’ for now) and at least two days at the museum.

Friday is the last day to turn rent in on time. After looking at the ‘rules’ for the school advance loan, I may not be eligible (supposedly for FT only and I’m PT). So, there’s that.


Come on, Universe. Help me make it one more day.

I think once I get home from my (free, from stamps racking up) haircut later this afternoon (if I’m not called to work, which I hope I’m not), I’ll likely shut off my wifi on this computer and focus on school stuff. I have a lot to do. This has been a rough summer for me. Burnout, stress, the works. I honestly thought the fog of grief after losing my dad almost two years ago had lifted. There’s still some there, though. And add the brain fog of stress and anxiety over finances and grades and every other damn thing going on… I’ve pretty much shut down. I shouldn’t have picked this class as one of my electives.

If I can get at least one or two assignments done after my appt today, I’ll come back and write something non-begging, k? But do share this post or my GFM. I’d prefer PP, but for right now, GFM is okay. Another day or so, and it won’t help in time. PP is better overall. Go look at the GFM, look at the rewards for different levels of donating… those count under PP as well. Ignore my derpy face in the still of the video. I should probably change that out… oh well.




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