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Day of Dragon Rest then some work

So I did my best to sleep in… I won’t go into those details, but it didn’t quite work out the way I would’ve preferred. I did get up finally… had something resembling breakfast, although normal people wouldn’t technically consider what I had as “breakfast” …. but I’m not normal, so there.

I tried to muster some energy, but I wasn’t quite there yet. So many things I need to do, and nowhere near the energy needed to do them… any of them. And some of them are fairly sedentary. So, I crawled back under the covers and rested a bit. Got ideas in my head of the steps I need to do to get my apartment organized and then stuff over to storage. In a specific order. With me, plans don’t tend to go… well… as planned. My life is notorious for this.

I got up, grabbed some juice, which is a massive treat for me… felt better, put some bags of things in my granny shopping cart (it’s a heavy duty one), and headed to storage. I mustered just enough energy to get the space sorted, the things i brought over in one neat spot. Determined what to bring home for Junk Day this week and put it all together, and took some pics for my own process as well as of some things to Freecycle or sell off.

All in all, a productive hour or so. I have a LOT of work ahead of me.




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