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Sick of me yet? kinda #crowdfunding panic

#crowdfunding (I’m trying the whole putting hashtags in different places because of how things show up on places like Twitter, FB, and Tumblr. The tag shows up in the title on Twitter, the first paragraph or so on FB, and I have to add tags in the sidebar for Tumblr).

I’m still short $80-ish. A little padding would be nice to handle things like getting my regalia and stuff. I have a few hours… that’s it. Eighty freaking bucks. Trust me, I wish I had a way to pull that out of whatever orifice money comes from. But there is no such orifice here. I’m only down to $80 from $100 because I had a fortuitously-timed sale of a hand-truck via one of the smartphone apps (and no, it’s basically a wi-fi and storage device, no longer a phone I can call people. I have a ‘gubmint’ phone thanks to being on Medicaid for that… and yes, that thing sucks, but it’s a phone).

I think I’m averaging a post per hour today. This will be the 9th one, I think? Holy shit.

Basically, when I’m dealing with something like this… it’s ALL I can think about. I can’t focus on school stuff or fixing my resume or anything else… JUST THIS. It’s fucking debilitating in a way. I am managing to stay hydrated and eat something… just about the only other thing I can do right now.

So I’m sitting here, trying to think of other ways to raise that last bit. I’m drawing a blank, really. Trying to sell things off takes time. Making things to sell off takes time. Hell, I have sets of speakers in storage I could sell off, but I don’t have pictures of them to show potential buyers. They’re decent speakers…. I’d be happy to sell them off (sight unseen at this point, until I can get to them) if someone were willing…. not big speakers… bookshelf speakers. Or even selling off the ones I have here and replacing them with the ones in storage. I don’t know… but it’s a time factor.

The one thing I’m running out of: time.




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