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Now the organizing and shoving things back INTO storage begins…. ugh.

Thank you to each and every person out there who has helped either with donations or sharing… or both.

I’m writing this now because within the next hour or so, I will be mixing up my favorite blend of juice and Amaretto. I am determined to get at least moderately intoxicated this evening. Stress does things to people… I’ve behaved considerably with alcohol. Mostly, I don’t typically drink alone. Being an introverted dragon makes drinking socially something that rarely happens. So I don’t drink much. Hell, I have bottles of wine I purchased years ago that haven’t been opened.

Maybe if i get this place cleaned up to where I think they want me to, maybe I’ll be able to have some friends over and a bottle or two can get opened up. Maybe after graduation, if i can get it all done in time. Maybe my birthday…. who knows…

But to each person who liked, shared, or donated… thank you.

~Penguin the Dragon



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