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How to successfully Dragon in public (and still try #crowdfunding)


Seriously. I’m still exhausted from the stress of everything and had to go do some of my practicum time today. I got 3 hours in, but *thud* crashed and burned upon getting home. I was planning on delving into classwork this evening… or at least redesigning my resume…

I had my earbuds in to and from the museum, but I think some other changes are in order…

So I’m still super short on funding to save storage in time. I do need it back for various reasons.

  • It’s close to me so I can access everything I need.
  • There may be documents in there that could jeopardize my identity.
  • I’m still at risk of eviction if I do not clear out a LOT of my crafting and sewing supplies from the apartment ASAP. 

So any help will do…. at this point, GFM will cut it too close. Once again, PP will be best as it’s immediate. Even if you don’t have a PP account, you can send funds.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

~Amanda/Penguin the Dragon



Creative Geek Of All Trades. Do you really need me to explain that one?