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Starship Penguin Facing Destruction #eviction #crowdfunding

Come 6pm Monday, if we do not meet the demands of the Evil Overlords, eviction proceedings will begin. Our base will be dismantled and we will be homeless. We have no recourse. No backup. Our pleas have gone unanswered. The local aliens have no use for us or our supplies. They do not even desire the parts from the ship. Our signal only reaches so far through subspace. We are running out of time. Please share this signal as far and wide as possible.

Amanda/Penguin here. I have to be blunt. I am scared right now. I’m trying not to panic. I got the notice today that rent must be paid by end of their workday, which is 6pm, on Monday. I no longer have until the 15th like the other notice for a different thing said.

I owe 745 for rent, the $50 late fee and some past due on my water bill. The total is $823.69. I have about $60. I every bit of help, in any form, I can get.

I have disabled the GFM for now. The funds won’t get to me in time. Paypal* is the only method. As I have a business account with them, I have a card I can use at the ATM.

Yes, storage is also a problem. It all is. Storage auction is the 15th, one week from today. Right now, rent is more crucial obviously, but both are important.

I ask that people help, even if all one can do is $10… if people can do more, feel free. I won’t ask for much from any one person unless they are able. What I do ask is that people share among their own circles.

When it comes to future debacles like this, I have my Patreon…. I really will get the July sketch up shortly. No functioning scanner right now.

I am wearing thin…. the constant stress… it’s too much.


*Even if you don’t have PayPal, if you have a debit/credit card, you can donate with that. Trust me, it does work. And it does get to me right away.




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