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Starship Penguin in #emergency #crowdfunding mode

The Captain here.

Apparently, the alien race on this moon has heard of #crowdfunding, and some citizens are willing to step up and help. Some have provided oxygen to our damaged ship. Others have sent food. It is mostly inedible to the crew. We had one of the Engineering Mice sample it with some questionable side effects. Rations are running low. The remaining gerbils are turning on each other.

The Evil Overlords will take over the base and supply station soon if help does not come soon. They have sent their demands through subspace communications. We made the short run to Planet Westercon to assist the beings there. A friendly bunch. We, sadly, do not make money on our runs, so we are powerless to pay off the Evil Overlords what they require to not claim our base and supply station.

Send help soon. Tell other planets we are in need of humanitarian aid. And rations.

The Captain



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