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End of Westercon: Babbling Volunteer Edition

This may be short. Mostly due to the pain in my back adding to the stress of finances and running damn near ragged as a volunteer. Mind you, I was “merely” watching doors (badge police) and guarding things at times…. I did find out how lucky volunteers get to be versus ConCom folk (like I normally have been at cons: those who are in charge of things). They get to pick out goodies at the end of the con as a thank you. I got two books (more on those later) and a gorgeous blank greeting card with a kitty on it.

I am, however, ^%$&^%^&% exhausted. On to the other things:

I have gotten two donations this weekend toward my manic financial situation. Thank you to those two people. Two fellow writers.

Also, between con craziness and the stress of finances (on top of me trying to decipher stuff for school), I finally cracked. I held things in fairly well much of the weekend. I think I have to thank my Valium prescription for that. But the cracks began to show and I crumbled in front of a few friends. I’m sure some may wonder how on earth I could still be having this issue a year later. I don’t know. I feel I’ve done everything I can: applying for work I’m able to do and know how to do, survived on the help of friends, family and Bast only knows what else. I’ve sold off half my book collection, tried selling off other things with little luck… you name it. Being under constant stress and fear of financial shitstorms takes its toll on a person. I’ll possibly expound on that later when my brain isn’t so fried. I think I’ve babbled about it in previous posts.

So… still very much a need. Again, if you can’t help with a donation, share wherever you feel is suitable. Seriously. I don’t like sharing in FB groups because it feels strange to me. Especially after all this time. “You’re still having problems?” yeah…. I am. Again, more on that later. After some sleep and likely delving into stuff at my Tuesday museum.

~Penguin (aka Amanda)



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