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So, I have a pen name and all the things that come with it. Twitter, LJ (shut up, I still use it! So does GRRM and many others), website, Patreon, FB pages, etc… and then there are the books. A couple of days ago, I wrote about creativity and refocusing where mine needs to be.

I choose my writing. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Ghost Humor, etc. Yes, that last one is real. Don’t ask. There’s some snark in the ghost story I’m doing for Camp NaNo in July. When even the ghosts get snarky… well, I blame it on the cabin fever. They’re stuck in that house. Hell, the marriage wasn’t exactly all lovey-dovey even when they were alive.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to sell off my loom, yarn, sewing machine, fabrics, etc…. and the paints, beads, pottery tools, cameras, etc….

Yes, I do lots of things. No, not all of them all the time. I’m a Scanner. Look up Barbara Sher. (Look! I even gave you a link to her main website.) I go back and forth between things as needed or as I decide I want to work on them.

Where I tend to flail is in marketing. I don’t have a husband or partner to bankroll my writing and thus marketing materials. I need a decent day job, which is getting difficult to find around here for me, or other support. Hence the Patreon.

Now, I’ve seen lots of comments from people saying Patreon is best for established creatives with a decent fan base, not for beginners. Well, in some ways I am a beginner, but in other ways I’m not. I have three books out. I’m just not the confident “in your face” promoter. So my sales aren’t anywhere near ideal. I know I likely don’t have the numbers in my meager fanbase to really attract patrons to my Patreon. I still try, though.

I’m still never going to be THAT kind of promoter. Just not my personality. Anyone who knows me knows this all too well.

I will, however, try to do more blogging over on that site. Maybe even some story bits that aren’t locked on Patreon for Patrons.

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