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#Artsy vs #Writing #patreon

I look at arts and crafts types of people and, while I’m one of them to some degree, I feel like I don’t really contribute much of anything that is unique and truly my own creation. I see posts with funky jewelry and other things and I wonder where is my brain that it can’t come up with shit like that?
I am, however, coming to realize that I do have one creative gift that gives me the ability to do something truly my own.
This is why I have a Patreon for my writing. But I don’t have any patrons.
The feedback I’ve received on my entries in the Writer’s Games has been enlightening, to say the least. I haven’t won or even placed in any of the runs so far. This weekend is the 7th and final one. I’ll be amazed if I get something for this one. It’s okay. 
The feedback has been priceless for me. For each one I’ve done so far (and admittedly, half-assed them), I’ve gotten feedback that encourages me to build upon the tale and make it bigger. The judges…. they want to see more. More story. More character building. More words.
And they mostly have loved what I’ve written. There have been some comments of “I’m not sure where this is going…” sort of thing, and that’s okay. Most of the six entries I’ve done so far have a great deal of potential.
The crazy thing is that I’ve always written Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yet, these tales I’ve started in the Games are anything but SF/F. One is a ghost story involving a house that has a curse because of witchcraft back before the Salem Witch Trials. I’m going to do Camp  NaNoWriMo this July and will be expanding that very story into something at least 35,000 words (my own set goal for this story).
Another one has a vibe of Native American heritage and culture, but isn’t quite the same, as the folklore of it involves a deity that is new and strange, yet has much control. Another one focuses on the reunification of Berlin, involving a personal tale (nothing of mine, just not one focused on general society, but one family’s journey). Yet another with potential is a humorous murder mystery. The remaining two… well, if I rework them in a MASSIVE way, they could go further, but I think they need more time in the stew-pot.
Once the Games are over, rights revert back to me, so I can put them -as is- on my Patreon the next few months. Let you guys, if you become patrons, see for yourselves. I may clean them up a little, and I’ll give the prompt and reasons for why they are how they are, but in order to read them, you’d need to be a patron at some level, $25 or above.
I also am aware that I need to work harder at being more visible with my writing. I think I’ve been trying to do so many other ideas that run through my head as creative ways to make money that I’ve stifled my writing creativity.
If my dad were alive right now, he’d tell me to stop all of this nonsense and get serious about my fiction.
“Never stop. Never give it up. You’re too good at this.” 
This is something he always said to me whenever I strayed from my writing into other areas. That all said, having some income and incentive via Patreon would go a long way toward nudging me back into working more on my writing.
Yes, a day job of some sort is in order. I’m having a terrible time getting one.
I have a feeling I’ll be posting bits of Inheritance (the ghost story I mentioned above) for my July Patreon. I just need to find something of mine for June. I’ve been under a lot of stress dealing with finances bearing down on me and school and all the other things. The stress feels like it’s eating me alive.
I think that’s all for now. Patreon link is in the sidebar. As are the GFM and the PP Donation button. I would prefer the Patreon, as you’d get something in return for the money.


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