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eBay selling #buymystuff #share

I would like to get this stuff sold off. Granted, I’d really prefer to sell it off at the prices I’ve listed on the Sale page here, but that hasn’t happened. I’m in urgent status now. I need rent funds and saving the rest of my stuff in storage. Share this post!

In all honesty, I’d prefer closer to the Buy It Now prices… I need the funds. Seriously. Donations also welcome.

ST:DS9 Bashir Collector’s Plate

Star Trek Collector’s Plate 1

Star Trek Collector’s Plate 2

Christmas Kitties Collector’s Plate

Black semi-formal embroidered dress

Brown Naturalizer Sandals

Purple satin dress w/Mandarin collar

A Bug’s Life DVD/Blu-Ray NiB

Woman’s K2 Rollerblades

Black leather skirt

So, that’s what’s listed so far. I have to look at items that can be mailed/shipped. The handtruck can’t really be shipped. The chest of drawers can’t either. I have a few more things to list. I have four Beanie Babies with tags.

I’ve had so little luck with other selling resources. I’ve tried FB selling groups, Craigslist, LetGo and other smartphone apps. I’m going to look around for more things I can sell off. I may try to also scramble together some skirts to sell as well. But that takes time I don’t have much of… same for energy. My chronic pain and fatigue make this all the more difficult. Skirts would likely range from $40 for above the knee to upwards of $60 for at or below knee. The length is determined by the fabric used. Those, and jewelry made, can go on Etsy… We shall see… I can tell you in absolute honesty that my back does NOT like doing a lot of sewing… or really sitting at one thing for long periods. For something I like doing, I’m unable to do it as much as I’d prefer.

I’ll keep going, though. I need 500-ish for storage, if i can get it before the end of June. Then $745 for rent. I have one tech gig to finish up before the end of the month…  but I don’t know how much my client will be paying me.

What I hate about this whole thing is that I can think of things to do to make money but the fatigue and pain make acting on those ideas nearly impossible.




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