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The Joys of Being Broke as F*** (sarcasm)

As per previous posts…. I need to pay my electric bill by 6/22 (tomorrow/Wednesday)… $110. I don’t have that. On top of that, I need to come up with about $500 to cover storage before the end of the month or it gets listed for auction next month. Oh yeah, and my landlord doesn’t want me keeping my stuff in the apartment, but I’m locked out of storage, so I can’t move things back until that’s paid up.

Then there’s rent next month.

I also need to hand off $60 for my graduation stuff for school… I’d like to send out the announcements before I actually graduate.

Frustrations are mounting…. I’m trying not to stress out, but it isn’t exactly easy to not stress.

Buy things from me…. order beaded necklaces or something from me… I’ll make them for you… I’d just like to keep my electric on, get things paid up and keep moving along… all while waiting for places to call me for interviews… which seem to take forever.




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