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Where am I otherwise?

Well, the smartass answer is “right where you left me…” but after all the shit going down across the country this weekend, with one massive hate-crime shooting in Orlando and another attempted/thwarted attack in Southern CA at pride, and then dealing with job hunting, health stuff, and grad school frustrations…

I’m drained.

Due to health, I couldn’t get the remaining items in storage moved into a smaller unit in May. I also didn’t have the funds to pay for May and don’t have them for June. Now, if I get enough (about 300 and some change for late fees), within the next couple of days, I can probably move everything down to the smaller unit without too many penalties. But I am -once again- in danger of losing what’s over there.

There isn’t enough room in this apartment to safely keep it all here. The fire marshals would fucking kill me. Trust me, we tried bringing over as much as humanly possible, and there really just isn’t enough room for it all. I can -maybe- get a couple more bins in the living room, but I’m not comfortable with how high the stacks of bins are already.

So, I need to go to a smaller unit. ASAP.

I’ve been applying for jobs that are right up my alley (and a few that may be a little over my head, but hey, a girl has to reach for something, right?), and still not getting interviews.

I got two gigs via Taskrabbit: one was a single hour and I’ve been paid for that (the $14 went to groceries), and I’ll get about $100 for another gig. But TR gigs are few and far between around here. Too many Taskers and not enough tasks. I’m also at a disadvantage because I don’t own a car. Many tasks would be best by having a car.

Today, I’m trying my best to prepare for inspection tomorrow. getting things cleared where they need to be, etc… the kitchen is my worst.

I have more things for sale on the sale page. I have other things still to list. I may yank the clothing on the page and list them on eBay. I hate the fees, but no one is really biting in the other places.

I am doing my best to remain positive. It’s hard going months without work knowing you have skills that are highly desirable… and yet you don’t get a first glance, let alone an interview.




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