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Kai Opaka construction, pt 1

So, I downloaded a free child’s balaclava pattern and had it enlarged to fit an adult head. Maybe I could’ve found an adult one, but I wasn’t finding it a year ago. Then I took some rough measurements around my face to see where it would need to be trimmed to… to go under my chin. A balaclava is meant to cover the nose and mouth for things like skiing. Fursuiters also use them to black out their faces as much as possible when in fursuit.

One Balaclava style

Kids one I used. This is the one I used. I measured the circumference of my own head to get the pattern enlarged. I’ve cut it from scrap fabric to test it, but haven’t sewn it up yet. That’ll come in part two or three… I also lengthened the part below the head to give the crumpled look… there may be more mods to come on it, as this was just the start.

As for the robe. I use a generic older bathrobe pattern and modified it. Most bathrobe patterns out there are unisex, so they’re pretty ideal for this. You’ll note in the pics that there’s a scoop at the back of the neck on the back piece. This, and the shaping at the shoulder for the sleeve, are from the pattern.

I did make the body pieces longer as bathrobes tend to be mid-calf. Also to make a nice hem for a little weight. The sleeves are also extra long (pics once I find them) because I noticed there are some decorative pleats close-ish to the cuff. I also modded the fronts because her robe fronts go all the way across. More like a Karate Gi. Even those don’t go all the way across, so I improvised. I measured from the top of my shoulder to my waist and then took that measurement and improvised the front pattern pieces, but only for that. The sleeve curve is important, so I kept that from the robe pattern.

I’ll add to this in part two, once I find the other pieces. I’m a little concerned right now as to where they may have vanished to…





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