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Random Wednesday Things

This is going to be partly fresh writing, partly some copying of a status or two I wrote on FB. Just to warn you all.


I still need to cover the late fee for my rent. I have to do this today by 6pm PST. There may be one possible save, but it’s the middle of the night there, and I don’t know if they’ll send payment for the items in time. $40 is all I need. Spread the word… use the donate button or offer to buy something from me…

Also, storage is behind again. We couldn’t fit everything into my apartment, and my pain levels went up and stayed up for a few weeks, so I couldn’t go over and get the remaining stuff moved to a smaller unit. 200 for last month and then, if I can get over there in the next week or so, my rate will go down to half that for a small unit. But still… I will have a little money coming in during the next week or so, but not enough to cover that.

Medical stuff:

So, I’ve had some issues with breathing and other stuff for a while now. The Naturopaths did a quick test on my breathing and suggested I get testing done for Asthma. Now, what has mostly been the cause of all of this is exposure to mold. Black mold was present in my parent’s house. I know it was there, but everyone else denied it. You can’t always see it, but if there’s a roof leak that doesn’t get fixed immediately, you can bet damn near everything you have that there will be black mold. We had one such leak. It took 3 years to find and fix. Damage done.

So, yesterday, I saw a pulmonary specialist (they’re the ones who diagnose asthma, etc). She was really nice and acutely aware of the issue with mold and black mold specifically. Just like the tech yesterday morning, she understood that it is nasty stuff to deal with (GP’s aren’t always as up-to-date on those things). So, she put three scrips in for me. Singulair, and two inhalers. They’re better than old school albuterol as they shouldn’t make my heart race. She also put in a referral for me to see an ENT to check my vocal chords for Vocal Cord Dysfunction, which can mimic some of the symptoms of asthma, but is treated more with speech therapy.

One of the things my printout says the therapist would teach me to do is to breathe from my diaphragm/gut… ummm… I learned how to do that as a singer at 18. I’ve been doing it naturally since then. 25 years or so. Not sure what a speech therapist can do for me that I don’t already know from voice training as a singer for umpteen number of years. I started singing in 4th grade, got decent training at LMC from 1991 to 1993, then more later at other schools. But some of the triggers for VCD are so dead on for me. I’m not looking forward to them sticking a damn mini camera down my throat…. even if they go through the sinuses… been there, done that… NOT fun for someone with constantly stuffed sinuses and a high gag reflex. Oh well… 


I support Bernie’s values and passion 110%. I also know that by threatening to go write-in or 3rd party on the Dem side, the Oval Office is pretty much handed to Drumpf. Seriously, STFU and stop listening to the fucking RW talking points bashing Hillary. Do I like her? No. Do I think she would do a decent job as President? Yes. No one candidate will be perfect for every voter. Deal with it. Hell, there were a few things I didn’t like in Obama’s views, but I voted -with pride- for him as I knew he would be fair and well balanced as POTUS.

What I’m hoping for is that she asks him to be her VP. The VP isn’t totally useless, so just shut up about that right now. may I remind the Hillary Haters that she did have some health issues a few years back?

The evil side of me wants to remind you of that… and that POTUS is a stressful job. If she has to step down due to help issues partway through, guess who’s next in line? You got it (at least if you were paying any attention in school). The VP. Then we’d all get our wishes. Now crawling back to the good side of me: While yes, the POTUS part of the election is pretty fucking important, look down-ticket… There are a LOT of seats open. Like damn near all in the House… and quite a few in the Senate. Vote BLUE there. No matter what you want for the “big seat” just vote Blue down-ticket. That way, change just might actually happen.

Another thing to keep in mind: whomever does get those seats in November, keep going after the election. Stay active. Email your Representatives and Senators. Call them, email them, whatever it takes. Let them know that THEY work for YOU. They work for the people. Let them know, as their “bosses,” that you want them to vote a certain way when they’re working, and that you can boot their asses back out next time. Keep active.

Vote. Stay involved. No matter who gets into the Oval Office, let them know as well that you are their boss, not the other way around. We elect them. They work for US.

Well, right at this moment, I have a subtle tension headache wreaking havoc on me by providing me with the fun of vertigo. I’ve done as much as I can to deal with it here at home for the morning… I’m hoping it goes away. Soon. Any time would be awesome…

I’ve applied for a few more jobs, including one with a flexible schedule doing awesome things (flexibility would be good because of my practicum). I’ll keep going… but fingers and toes crossed for something decent. Soon… like now would be awesome.





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