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Ramblings of the Day, Part Two

Just in case you’re coming here from FB, some items in these Ramblings posts are similar or exactly the same to a status I post sometimes. The Cookies and Ice Cream is one example here.

Writer’s Games

I didn’t place in the first round… well, there’s 6 more to go. The good thing about not winning is that once the games are over, I can take my stories and post them on my Patreon or elsewhere.

Venturing Outside on an Off Day

I’ve mentioned regularly that I’m an Empath. Some days are fine, some are not. I had to go pick up a couple of prescriptions today, so I got dressed (when I don’t go out, I’m wearing PJ’s, dammit), grabbed my keys, and headed over to Safeway. Along the way I dealt with a group of people at the streetcar stop who -I swear to whatever deity you prefer- were in a cloud of perfume, cologne, and cigarette smoke. I was a minimum of 5 feet away from them and I could smell all of it.

Then, once I got to the store, I had one person step in front of me as I made my way to the back of the store. Come to find that one of my long-time regular scrips is no longer paid for by OHP+/Medicaid unless a pre-authorization is made. Which drags shit out. Thankfully, it wasn’t the one I needed more urgently (medical note: I have something called BFCS [Benign Fasciculation & Cramping Syndrome], which is when the minerals that get absorbed in the intestines get blocked somewhere along the way to the muscles. Muscle relaxants don’t do jack shit to help. Only one drug does. The other one eases my anxiety, which can trigger the BFCS. Basically, Fasciculations feel like there’s millions of tiny worms crawling just under the skin. It does become painful as the muscles are in constant twitching motion… sorry for the imagery… it gets the point across the easiest).

I left that scrip there, took the other one (no funds to pay for the non-covered one at the moment), and headed home. I got two more people stepping out in front of me for no damn good reason other than being idiots. I was in extreme discomfort from the BFCS already, and these people weren’t helping.

Today feels extremely off. I’m merely an Empath, so I can sense things are off, but I can’t always pinpoint what the problem is. I was already jumpy and on edge before leaving my apartment. The trip to the store made it worse. And yes, I’ve now taken meds.

Cookies and Ice Cream

Considering how things went on my adventure outside, baking is probably not a good idea… but it’s a mix… granted, I’m doing something to it.

See, I have a recipe handed down in my family for vanilla ice cream. Really GOOD vanilla ice cream… the kind that doesn’t need chocolate sauce (I consider it a sacrilege to put anything on this stuff, and that’s saying a lot considering how much of a chocolate fan I am). There are extra flavorings in it…

Some years ago, while still living in my studio in Chicago, I had one night where I could NOT sleep… so somewhere around 2am, I got up and mixed up a batch of sugar cookies from scratch (I can still do this, but in my switch to gluten free, it takes some getting used to, so I’m slowly experimenting) … and just as a random thought, I added the extra flavorings from the ice cream recipe. I didn’t measure them… then again, but this point, it was pushing 3am and I was finally getting tired. I mixed the stuff together, covered the bowl, and put it in the fridge. I wasn’t going to bake in the middle of the night for fear of falling asleep with cookies in the oven.
When I baked them the next day, the balance of the flavors came out perfect… like a baked version of the ice cream.

A couple of weeks later, when I tried recreating that (and measuring according to the recipe), it turned out pretty much inedible.

Now, I’m going to try again. If it smells right, it likely will be right. I hope. I’ll try to note my amounts of the flavorings this time… if it comes out wrong, then I’ll fuss with the other mix I have for GF sugar cookies.

I may, one day, share the ice cream recipe. it’s a family thing… but since none of the three of us kids have children of our own (and I’m the baby at 43), it would be nice to pass the beloved recipe on to others.

This reminds me…. I want to make some of the ice cream this year. I just need to either halve the recipe (my electric ice cream maker is small) or do it in two runs in the machine. I miss that ice cream. Nothing in the stores comes close… even my beloved Breyer’s.

And back to the kitchen I go! The butter should be softer now (trick my mom taught me: cut the butter into “pats” relatively equal and leave them in the bowl on the counter… it softens faster that way).




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