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The little things that happen…

Sometimes people come into your life and wreak havoc (I’ve had more than my share, thank you). Sometimes, people come into your life from seemingly out of nowhere and leave you with hope for humanity.

I’ve had my share of struggles of all kinds. Abuse, financial shit hitting the fan, etc. You name it, I’ve likely been through it. I’ve gotten to the point where trusting others has become hard to do. But my faith in people gets restored every so often.

I was looking, as you may have seen from my last blog post from a couple of hours ago, at the likelihood of paying rent late, etc… Puts me in a bind. But one person, without a word, just sent enough to make up what was needed. I won’t name this person. I do my best to respect privacy of others (some public figures are fair game for being poked at, though). One huge monkey (maybe a Gorilla?) is off my back for now.

There’s one possible contact for work… and then a couple of other jobs to apply for. One closes the application window at the end of the month, so I’m less keen on that one, but I’ll apply anyway. The other closes tomorrow. I also have to get my assignment done.

To the person whose name I won’t mention: Thank you! I owe you a massive hug one day. Maybe if I get into that program for my second graduate degree, I’ll have to swing up your way during some free time and give you that hug… I think I need to give hugs to every person who has helped me in recent months. Well, one person won’t get one (my friends know who that is… irreparable damage already done)

Now my mind is a bit calmer and I can focus on finishing my assignment. As soon as I can move my arm and head. The coffee table won’t clean itself.




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