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5/5 Random Panic/Thoughts #rent #crowdfunding #emergency

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Unless a miracle falls into my lap today, rent will be late. With a fee. I have been told by an eviction/housing attorney that they cannot do an immediate lockout, so that’s good.

But I’m still a very long way from having enough. I thought maybe my summer financial aid will come in early enough, but I’ve been told that it won’t be disbursed until nearly June (which I find problematic for more than just rent reasons. What about buying textbooks for a class that starts mid-May? This is pretty lame). In all likelihood, I’ll get a 72 hour notice to come up with rent… probably tomorrow or Saturday.

So keep sharing and doing what you can. The 25-30 people at $20/each still stands. I did get two donations last night, which is awesome and thank you to those two people.

I am trying not to panic. When my stress levels go up, my cats can tell. Then they get sick.

The paypal link is the best way. But at the very least, spread the word.

5/4: Not a Millennial, but… #crowdfunding #emergency

In other random thoughts and musings: I got to explore more of the stuff the museum where I’m doing part of my practicum for school has in its possession. One of my projects will be to photograph and help clean up the stuff in storage there. It’s pretty neat, though. Some really amazing items, but not enough room to display it all.

I won’t do politics this round, other than saying NC Republicans need to go back and read some actual history of things like the Civil Rights Act and, ya know, the Constitution (other than the 2nd Amendment, please).

Not my circus and I don’t know where those monkeys came from (NC HB2 stupidity)

And then the last random thing… I must be showing my age. I needed to charge the battery for my main camera. I’ll need it tomorrow for the museum. So, last night, I’m digging through boxes and drawers trying to find the charger. Normally, I put it right back in the camera bag. Last time, I did not. Couldn’t find it. More mild panic. This morning, I got up, my back seized up on me (haven’t had that kind of thing in a while… ow), so while coffee was warming up, I started up the computer at the desk and looked around. But then I looked at the meager desk space behind where my laptop screen is…

You guessed it. There’s the charger. Right in front of me (more or less) the whole stinking time. Now the battery is charging and I’ll have my good camera for documenting all the neat stuff.

Time is running out really fast now. Today is the deadline for getting rent in on time. After this, there will be late fees… and they aren’t pretty. So do share, whether you can donate or not.

Thank you,

~P (Amanda)



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