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5/3: #CrowdfundingEmergency Post

The official begging post of the day. My normal resources for last minute help are all out. Each with varying major expenses. I’m sure folks are sick of me asking…. but my job prospects are limited due to health issues. I can’t just walk into a retail store and apply for a job. I can’t physically do those jobs. Due to a bankruptcy (medical bills are a bitch), I can’t work in a bank. The list goes on. There are certain types of jobs I’m aiming for, but I’ve had little luck. Despite how many of those jobs there seem to be at any given time.

So I’m still stuck in neutral. In danger of losing my apartment. I have less than 200 for rent. Rent is 745. A long way to go. I have two days. I cannot be late.

I’m not sure what else I can do… I’ve offered things to sell/make, done the GFM, talked to my usual people. I’ve asked people to simply share my posts…. even if they can’t donate.

What else can I do?




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