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May 2nd Share Me Post & #rent #crowdfunding

Share me!!

Ever have one of those days where you swore the night before you were going to get decent sleep and then you don’t …. so any plans or intentions you had flew right out the window?

Yup. That was last night into today. So many things needing to be done…. and my anxiety about rent is wearing me down.

Now that the 2nd is winding down, I need to think of time constraints. GFM takes a couple of days to process donations to my checking account. Paypal donations after tonight are going to be the best way to get funds for rent. I still have far too much to raise.

I have things to sell. Things I can make in exchange for help.

I’m working on finding temp and permanent work, but the frustration levels are high. I try my best to remain positive, but too many days the frustration takes hold. I still have many things to sell off…. the page is still up on here. Some items are price negotiable. Just ask.

I keep going, no matter the frustration. I have to. I just need a little communal help until I get back on my feet for good.




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