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So, this isn’t something I can go to The Pongo Fund for. They, for those who aren’t local, are a pet food bank that gives out food for cats and dogs in low income households and homeless. The food they give out is too rich for Portia. Her stomach and skin are very sensitive. I came home from a day of classes, after a few weeks of them being on their food, to piles of half digested food all over the place. When I realized it was Portia, she ended up at the vet getting rehydrated. I tried other foods. Portia’s fur mats up if she and her sister are on anything other than Natural Balance Chicken & Green Pea. Some of the other flavors have the same fat and protein percentages, so I’ve been tempted to try them as well, but they tend to get pricier.

We’re running out of food. I have a few cans of food that are okay for them, but the dry food is maybe one or two meals away from being gone. I have nothing. (I’m not sure where rent is coming from either, as I can’t even get temp work, let alone interviews. My websites, including my portfolio and the new business, are down because I can’t pay that $13).

I’m starting to take the steps to apply for disability, whether temporary or permanent remains to be seen. That will take time. I’m still looking for work. I can’t keep depending on others. This has been a dry week for finding work that fits for me. I can’t physically do retail.

If there’s anyone out there who can help the cats and me out, this is the breakdown of costs:

  • Natural Balance food, 10# bag. Chicken and Green Pea runs around $23-24. Other flavors, which I’d like to mix things up a bit with, are anywhere from 2-5 dollars more. (Another option is getting two smaller bags, one in Chicken and one in another NB flavor).
  • Paying Hostgator: $12.95 for the month. I have at least one more domain coming up due in the next month or so… I’d prefer to keep some of them going, but the genealogy one isn’t necessary. I can switch back to the wp .com version. But getting hosting back up is a necessity.
  • Might be nice to have a little for food. My food stamps have been cut (as of February), but I’ll deal. Granted, getting a new bottle of gluten free Tamari (soy sauce. Yes, I need to eat gluten free as well) would be nice. Safeway isn’t carrying it. Whole Foods does. New Seasons might.

The main things are cat food and getting hosting back up. The cat food is an emergency. I have maybe a day or two left with the wet food. Getting hosting back up will help with job stuff. Having the portfolio site is crucial to me getting the kind of work I can do.

If anyone wants something in return…. I’m limited in what I can do… but it depends on what I have to offer and what someone wants. (Rozzie, we’re cleaning the bedroom tomorrow, so I’ll get my Kai stuff out them and set it aside).




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