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#SoundOfSilence, video babble and stuff

Sound of Silence commentary further down

[Youtube and I aren’t getting along, so no video]

Rambling about lots of things. Bear with me, as I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I have less than 24 hours to get my debt settled with storage or my stuff goes to auction. Paypal is the best option, as the money shows up right away. I have about half, but need about 700 (I’ll likely need to buy a new lock this time) total. That’s mostly covered in the video above, but I’m reiterating it.


I’m starting up a new small press. I have two fresh projects in mind for it, but I’m not sure which one I should try a Kickstarter for first. Here are the two (general) ideas:

  1. Dad was an incredible landscape photographer. His slides and negatives are 600 miles away. The project: scanning and digitizing said slides and negatives and layout a book of his best work. The kickstarter would fund a trip to retrieve the boxes of his work (along with other things) and the work to digitize his work and then the layout.
  2. Develop a themed anthology for later this year to be released early 2017. Submissions would open around October and end December 31st. The theme continues a tradition started by noted SF/F writers and editors. These would be meager beginnings, but the challenge would be rewarding.

Opinions –  Sound of Silence

I could expound on political stuff or other hot topics… but not this round.

I’ve become enamored with a song that’s been making waves: Disturbed’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. S&G is a hard team to cover. The harmonies, the simplicity and beauty of their words and music. The original has it’s own ethereal vibe. It is a product of its time. Disturbed’s version is a product of our current time.

I noted David Draiman’s voice. I’m a classically trained singer myself, so to hear this powerful, deep, melodic voice singing a song I’ve know my whole life (and Draiman is only a bit younger than I am, and from one article, it sounds like something he and many of the bandmates have also grown up with) made me take notice. Note, please, I’m not really much of a fan of Disturbed’s music genre. But listening to Draiman’s voice got me wondering about his training. I tend to be skeptical about a lot of more well known or popular singers and what training they may have.

Can I just say I was impressed as fuck? While this may not turn me into a fan of the rest of their work, but I am a fan of Draiman’s voice. The simple piano beginning with his voice is just as haunting as the original. His vibrato, overall vocal range and the musicality of his voice. GAH! I don’t hear that kind of quality much anymore. His training as a Hazan or Cantor clarified some things for me: his enunciations of certain words, the clarity of his voice. All of it. I don’t even mind when he goes into vocal styling closer to what he normally does.

I can’t get enough of this cover. Seriously. There’s a brooding quality, but the original message is still relevant and shines in this cover.

I’ll stop for now….




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