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One down… so much to do

I’m still not entirely out of the woods yet. Thanks to several friends and one sibling, I have rent handled for April.

Now on to storage. I have nine days to raise about 650-ish to pay it off before it goes to auction on 4/15. I need ALL the help I can get on this.

I have a lot on my proverbial plate right now:

  • Grad school semester (finishing up one class this week and then another month with the other class)
  • Cleaning the apartment
  • Finding work (pretty damn important, and no, I didn’t get that job I interviewed for)
  • Saving the storage unit and stuff in it.
  • Writing/editing/etc
  • Practicum hours for school.
  • Selling things off as much as possible to raise money for things as well as clearing out the things I don’t really need.

So, my plan right now is to clean up the apartment whenever I’m able. I basically have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), but no official diagnosis. There are factors that play into it, but trying to pinpoint them medically is a real pain and my insurance doesn’t cover everything. Trying to muster energy without the use of coffee (messes with my thyroid) is damn near impossible. I still drink it, in small amounts, some days. It triggers other moderately painful (but mostly annoying as hell) health issues. Doing “Big Damn Things” regularly and for any amount of time beyond about half an hour drains me for a day or two. Yes, I’m serious.

The goal with major cleaning of the apartment is for a few reasons:

  1. purge unnecessary items (I got the hoarding gene… thanks Mom… but I’m tackling it, which she never could do)
  2. as this happens, I’ll be able to bring bins back from storage and purge/sell/stash/use what’s in them.
  3. I eventually may be moving out of the country, so downsizing the excess is a necessary task.

My biggest downfall as a moderate hoarder is paper. Most stuff is in sizable collections/amounts, but are managed to some degree. Papers are not. Small bins, a few bigger bins (those are in storage and one has my birth certificate in it. Well, one copy at least), bags, etc. Papers are my Achilles Heel. They spawn worse that Dust Bunnies here. It’s my one thing to really get under control. Two cross-cut shredders are set up, but my back can only handle so much of even that work most days. It’s getting there. A fair amount of it has been sorted and some of that shredded. Very little is being kept. It’s just a matter of going through it.

This is my Hoarding Rehab. It isn’t easy. But I’m working on it. Ask any hoarder, whether they think they’re one or not, how easy/hard it is to throw things out. To make that decision to sell off things they love. To donate clothes they swear they’ll fit back into.

I define myself as a Moderate Hoarder. You can see the some of the floor of my apartment. More and more each round of cleaning. It isn’t easy, but I know I can make it. This is why I need to save the stuff in storage. I need to be able to make the decision on each thing there whether it stays or goes. It’s an internal, emotional struggle. To have it ripped away from me would be much like death. So many of the items over there are things I’ve worked hard for or on. Some, not so much, but the decision for each thing must be a decision I make, not one others make for me.

I am human. I have faults. I am nowhere near perfect. Nor would I want to be. Perfection is boring and vastly overrated. I am simply me.

And now I think I’ll go shred things.




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