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Rent, Politics, Life, and #crowdfunding

RENT & CROWDFUNDING: As for the whole crowdfunding to help with rent and stuff: PP Donate button will be faster due to the weekend. Even if enough came in tonight (Friday, 4/1) on GFM, it may not show in time to transfer down to my account. I can access PP quickly. So that’s out of the way.

(I have until 4/5 to pay my rent)

The page with stuff for sale is up. I may not get to the book pics until Sunday.

I’m also looking for local gigs. If a gig can be done virtually (say design or fix a website or organize cloud files), then that’s also possible. I’m not going to put an hourly price on what all I can do. Be reasonable. If what you offer to pay comes out to $5/hour, that honestly hurts. If I asked someone else to do some freelance thing that takes hours and the payment comes out to less than minimum wage, that’s not cool. I would never ask someone else of that. Time is money. I’m not saying any small gigs I do are worth hundreds or anything, but being reasonable and respectful is so crucial.


LIFE: I had an interview this morning. I hope I get it. It isn’t really high paying, but it’s a cool job. I did not get the school trip for next Fall, and I’m not too happy about this. That’s my last term and was hoping I could take part in one of the trips, but not to be.


POLITICS: I was going to talk politics today, but I think I’ll touch on one basic thing instead of going all over.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some of my friends online. Mudslinging, trash talking, links to disreputable sources.

I’m tired of the mud-slinging. I’m a registered Democrat. Many of my friends are as well. But there’s a LOT of bashing within our own party, and we need to all grow the hell up and stop that. Leave the childishness and lies to the Republicans. (They’re good at that crap. Seriously, have you seen the poisoned mud they’re slinging over there?) This is not the sandbox at the playground. Nor the mud pit in the back yard after a nice drenching rain.

I know we all have our preferences. I have my own. But I am also well aware that if we do not back our own party all the way down ticket, this country will be screwed over the back fence by the mule that hates our collective guts simply because we breathe and walk on two legs.

Post articles about the positives of your preferred candidate, not mud-slinging against the other one. We should behave like the adults in the room. Let’s leave the food fight for the general election and aim those custard pies at the real “other side.”


That’s all I have for now. Play nice, donate to keep me and the cats from being homeless as well as saving my stuff from auction mid-month. Buy things. Negotiate prices on those things. Most prices aren’t firm. As for those donations, they don’t need to be a lot. Whatever you can do helps.




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