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Random Monday Things

Writing ~ There are times when moments in a story just happen that you didn’t intend. I just finished the draft of a short story for a memorial/charity anthology. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes things happen. It may not be exactly where I figured the tale would go, but it did. And it made me cry. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. It means my characters are strong. It’s a really short piece, to be honest, and it’ll likely see some editing from the beta readers, but it’s a glimpse into the life of someone I’ve never written. Much of my writing is based in fantasy or science fiction. This has a slightly otherworldly touch to it, but not strong. I hope it’s a good balance.

Crowdfunding ~ Seriously, I need the help. I will offer website building, leather work (I make chokers/necklaces from it, as well as some other things, nothing really intense), jewelry, machine embroidered patches. And so many other things. If you’re local to PDX and I don’t need a vehicle, I will do a photo shoot for you. I do many, MANY creative things. I only ask for some financial help in return until I can get solid work again. Just ask and donate. I can’t lose the stuff in storage. I have too much invested in the things there.

Selling things off ~ I still have a lot to sell off. I’ll take the pics of the books up for grabs either tonight or tomorrow. I need to get them out of the bags.


I know some of my friends are likely tired of me needing help. I feel it from them. I don’t want to be a charity case, but trying to move up and out of retail into something decent is difficult in this region. I’m doing the best I can. Every little bit helps. I’d rather offer things up for money instead of just begging. I have an immediate need for financial assistance, and have the time to come through with things in return. All I ask is for a little help.

Spread the word. Share, retweet, tell people. Everyone you can.




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