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More random things for sale/free

I have some Halloween decorations…. anyone want ’em? A door sign (keeping one of them), some plastic light-up jack-o-lanterns (one plugs in, the other two are battery… not sure how the batteries are faring), a glow-in-the-dark flat Skeleton, a giant “spider.” $10 for all of it. Pick up only for locals. I’m not shipping this stuff.

At least one small tinsel Christmas tree. I have a 2 ft tall blue one. I also have one made with all ornaments. Once I find it, I’ll post pics. Also lots of Christmas lights, one or two door signs, some wrapping paper, and other things. $20 for whatever I can find.

Wicker storage basket with top hinged lid. From IKEA a few years ago. $15.

Eventually, there’s a larger decorated chest of drawers that’ll be up for sale. I’m still using it for now, but it’s a taller 5 drawer piece. That may be a while out. I still need to fix and add to the decoupaged work on it. I bought more decor paper to put on it, but never got around to adding it. Again, it’ll be a while before it goes up. It has an Asian travel-ish theme to it. NFS Yet. Unless you want to offer me a decent chunk of change to finish it off and sell it sooner. For that, I’m talking closer to $100 or more. I’ve put a lot into it.

I also have several boxes of Holiday and general blank greeting cards. I worked at Papyrus and thought I’d be immune to the employee discount. Nope. Want ’em? $30 for just the holiday boxes. Add in the general boxes and singles of various situations and blanks, another $20. If I have to ship them, add in shipping cost of putting them into a shipping box and the price of shipment. I’d prefer to hand them off.

That’s all I can think of for now. FYI: I’m in Portland, OR. If you’re local or will be driving through/coming to town sometime soon, let’s talk.




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