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Things I’m selling (pics)

Okay, maybe this will reach a wider audience. I’ve sold off a fair chunk of my books to Powells. There are, as usual, still some left. While I’m not showing the books in this post, as I haven’t taken the pics of what’s left yet, I will in a later post. I’ve tried posting on an FB sales group, the app LetGo, and Craigslist. Nothing.

A lot of this would be difficult to ship, so if you’re local, even better, really. The smaller items can ship. Leave me a comment for prices. I also have a fold-down padded stool (no pic of it). There will be more things. Shoes, clothes, books.



Creative Geek Of All Trades. Do you really need me to explain that one?

3 thoughts on “Things I’m selling (pics)

  1. Hey penguin,
    I found you through searching for kai opaka cosplay inspiration. I’m sorry that life seems to have you down recently. Are you a Christian? Would you appreciate Christian prayer? In anycase, I’m going to be attempting a kai opaka cosplay for a con in Birmingham UK and I was wondering whether you had anything that would be of help, maybe a pattern mockup or at least some pointers or something? Its my first cosplay and I’m going to be heavily relying on my mum’s ill practised sewing skills to be honest (maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew). Obviously I would be willing to donate/pay for your help.

    1. I’ll dig out my robe and cowl patterns. I haven’t sewn anything up yet. I don’t know how close in size you may be to me. The robe is VERY simple. The cowl over her head is more complicated pattern-wise. I’m still not sure if mine will fit me. I abandoned it when I realized I wasn’t going to get into the con I was making it for. I’ll get everything back out as I set to tackling the bedroom (doing a ton of cleaning right now).

      I’m a Deist, so I believe in God, but also logic and reasoning. I’m a bit different. Prayers are always welcomed. I do a variety of things to help on my own. I’ll let you know about the pattern. I can write out what I did as well. It may help.

      1. Cool, thanks so much. Anything would help to help me and my mum get a head start. I’m usually a UK size 12-14, which is about a 8-10 in the US? Mum can probably figure out any alterations necessary haha. Part of me feels like its a shame that I’m wasting my dreadlocks by hiding them in headgear, but I’m kinda enjoying the idea of being able to grab people by the ear and learning a bunch of stuff about the bajoran religion XD

        Thats cool, I learnt a little about it in a theology elective I took once but not much beyond whats in the wikipedia page.

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