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#crowdfundme Help a writer/cosplayer?

Cosplayer needs Saving

So, here I am again, trying to save my storage unit from auction. Wasn’t I just doing th- oh yeah, I was. I had school funds to save my ass that time. I don’t this time. Share, crosspost, tell the world. I can’t pay for services to promote my GFM. I’m still trying to find work. I can’t even get temp jobs. Seriously.

400-ish by the end of this month, it’ll jump to 600 and change beginning of April and auction is set for April 15th. Oh joy, tax day. Mine is already done and the federal spent, state eaten up by some idiocy. Long story.

Help me keep my costumes and fabric

I’m contemplating a way to get my stuff back to the apartment, but there’s a LOT of things there that I don’t need or want in my home. Excess things. Just the bins of fabric alone will take up a lot of space I don’t really have. I’m cleaning up the apartment, and once that’s under control, I can start bringing things back here from storage and sorting through them. But I can’t do that if I don’t have access.

I have things I’m trying to sell off… I’ll add pics in a second post. This is more for the fundraising. The Paypal donate button is faster and i can access the money MUCH easier that way. But if you want to do GFM, that’s fine.

If you can’t donate, share this post, share the link, anything and everything helps.

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