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SPC: Save Penguin’s Costumes! (and fabric)

I put a campaign on Generosity, IndieGoGo’s alternate site (was called IndieGoGo Life), to help raise funds. One wee problem… I need an active bank account. Which I currently don’t. Well, I have PayPal and a small savings account (with less than $5 that can be removed, it’s at a credit union, so there’s a Membership Fee in there that can’t be taken out unless I close it down. I’ll be reopening a checking account there shortly. Once I’m able), but I’m not sure if I can use those. Anyway…

My storage unit is in imminent danger of being put up for auction, as I haven’t been able to pay on it since November. The manager is willing to work with me, but I need to give them -something- to hold off proceedings. I have nothing to give. I still haven’t been paid for the gig from a week ago and the jerk is ignoring my emails. It’s a CL-relay anonymous email, so I can’t look him up.

If I can give storage something… a couple hundred, perhaps… this week, I can take care of the rest next week when I get school funds (Not getting nearly enough to survive on, but it is second year of grad school, so they cut funding back).

About 95% of my costumes are in there. 98% of my fabric is in there. Also a few other things. Below are a few pictures (my connection messed the others up). Everything on the left and some in the back is fabric. Two rows of fabric bins. Some of it is for costuming. That’s a few thousand dollars of fabric I can’t get back or replace if I don’t save the unit from auction.

Paypal will be easier and MUCH faster for me to access. If you really prefer using the Generosity link, Save Penguin’s Costumes. Spread far and wide…. I need help for this ASAP.

*Rent for my apartment has been covered and paid, so that’s in the clear.



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