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9 hours left

It’s 11:30am here. I’m $35 shy of the exact amount for rent, but with ATM fees and needing with work around the system (buy something cheap and take out the max allowed at a grocery store, which means I’ll need to buy two small things), I’m aiming for $50 more.

I woke up this morning at 4am. After falling asleep around midnight. I probably should’ve taken something to quiet my mind last night, but had opted not to. My mistake.

I will, once I’m more awake and my body doesn’t hurt so much (for whatever mysterious reason it’s doing this today), then I’ll pick through some of my fiction books and haul them down to Powells. That’s all I have left to sell off, other than things I’ve listed on CL and a sale group on FB. Only one of those items has sold, and it’s only $15 (and haven’t completed the sale yet).

I have a small chest of drawers that I’ve decoupaged nicely into a travel theme (75, obo), a pair of soft boot women’s K2 Rollerblades (125, obo), a candleabra that’s one of those odd little things I like to collect ($20, I think), and a couple of other things. Yeah, I know. Not much. Most of the stuff that’s accessible is being very much used or is in crappy shape. The headphones are what has sold.

So, unless there are donations or offers to buy those things before i haul down to Powells, I’m selling off some books. I need to also hand off SOMETHING to storage ASAP… so there’s that. Preferably closer to the $300 mark for them to stave off auction of my unit with all my fabric and costumes. I’ll be able to pay the rest on the 15th when my school funds show up. So, help is still needed, even after today. Until a job and school money shows up. The school money will show up too late before auction.

We’ll see how Powells turns out. But $50 to deal with the rent process today. That’s all I need.




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