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#help 30 hours left #rent

I need to have enough time to walk over to Safeway and get the money orders for my rent tomorrow. So, this means getting there before 9pm Tuesday evening. I cannot be late.

If people can’t help, share this post. Seriously. The more that see it, the more likely I’ll make my rent. I have two cats and I cannot afford to move anywhere. I’m in a lower income building as it is. There aren’t any county or state charity resources that have funds available either. They’re all tapped out here because so many people need help.

$5. $10. $20. Every little bit helps.

The donate button is on the blog page. If you can afford more, thank you.

I know most of my friends are tired of me asking. I’m tired of asking. But no matter what I do, I can’t see to get anywhere with my job hunt. Moving laterally is easy, but I can’t get by on $10/hour. I also can’t physically do retail anymore. I’m putting in an app for one job that’s a bit more than that, and it might just work… I don’t know. Moving up, to something better, is the hard path. And that is what I’m trying to do. To get the attention of those with better jobs available. For them to know I’m here and have the skills they’re looking for. All most of them see is what my paid experience shows: retail. I’ve done other jobs, but most people don’t know much about those companies.

It’s frustrating being in this position. I hate begging, but that’s what I’m doing.

Every little bit helps. Skip a latte. Skip a weeks’ worth of lattes and send $25 (assuming you’re normal and only drink one a day). Truly, every bit helps.




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