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Trans Folks, Bathrooms, and People Who Are Clueless Bigots…

For this, I will give a trigger warning. I swear like a trucker, talk about rape, body parts, transgender peeps, and your bigotry. I normally don’t do the whole TW thing simply because I think they’re overused, but this is one situation that warrants it. Oh, and BTW, if you don’t like my views, ya’ll can suck my pink vibrating dick. I’ll even lube it up for ya! Hell, I’ll let you use the one I don’t want… you might bite down and damage my favorite. Then I’d have to drag your bigoted, backwards ass to my favorite toy store to buy me a replacement… I don’t think you’d be able to handle going in there.

This article I’ve linked to is too fucking perfect!

Trans Woman Asks Houston: “Do You REALLY Want Me In The Same Restroom As Your Husband?”

Hey, Houston! Transwomen are women…. transmen are men. No matter what may be between their legs. Gender identity is not defined by a dick and balls or a vag and clit.

Now, I’m cis-gender, meaning I identify as the gender I was born with. But I have zero issues with anyone who identifies as female, no matter where they may be in their transition, being in the same public restroom as I am. That’s what the damn stalls are for. If someone presents male, they have a right to be in the mens room…. present female, even butch femme, you have the right to be in the women’s room.

Now that my boobs are smaller, I could EASILY present male with the right clothes… hell, I’ve been mistaken for a boy on some occasions. At a computer event, I was wearing a baseball cap, LONG hair back in a pony tail through the hole at the back of the cap, walked up to the info desk and the guy there misgendered me as a young guy. I HAD BOOBS BIGGER THAN THEY ARE NOW! And I was misgendered. (In case anyone didn’t know, I went from a 34J to a 34C earlier this year because of a LOT of back and neck pain along with headaches that were debilitating).

Trans people are not sexual predators. FFS, people, get your heads out of your asses. All they wanna do is pee or take a shit. As for the other “scenario” of

“well, some predator may use it as an excuse, dress up as a woman and go into the womens room and attack…”

Oh… honey-bun… let me tell you something as a survivor of repeated rape: If a rapist or predator wants to attack someone…. they sure as all fuck are NOT gonna go through all the trouble of putting on a wig (I fucking hate wigs, but I cosplay, so I use them occasionally), maybe a dress…. and I can tell ya’ll they are NOT gonna shave their motherfucking legs for this… and maybe even go through all the hassle of finding a pair of heels that’ll fit their big ass feet… JUST to assault a random woman in the fucking BATHROOM!

Are you out of your fucking minds? If you think, for one fucking second, that any assault is going to happen by someone dressing up as a different gender, then you need to get a clue. A massive, smack-upside-the-head clue. If anyone is at risk of being assaulted, it’s those who are trans. I have many friends who are at varying stages of transitioning. ALL they want is to have their appearance and body MATCH who they know they are. Trans women are attacked and even killed JUST because they are being true to WHO THEY ARE.

Respect ALL people. No matter what genitals someone has, if they present as the gender of the bathroom they want to use, they have every fucking right to use that bathroom. Don’t like it? Stay home. The world is moving past your stone-age mindset.

And there, folks, is my bitch-fest, fuck-filled rant about telling all you bigots to STFU and keep your laws off of other peoples bodies and gender identities. Don’t like it, don’t do it. It’s that simple.




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