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Being thankful while still needing help…

There’s a thing going around FB about posting something positive/being thankful each day of the month…. I may not always express how grateful I am to have the friends I do… many have come to my aid the last few months as I’ve been struggling financially. I look to them again for a little more help in November…. and it’s hard to do. I hate asking anyone directly. And I know words aren’t always enough… I always wish I could do more for them in return… but I can’t.

The struggle to find decent work that I can physically do is not easy. I have some limitations. I don’t like to consider myself as having a disability, but I do. I have old injuries piled up that make things difficult. Such is the life of a former dancer and perpetual klutz.

I found out the hard way that I’m officially unemployed, but they’re fighting the claim. So, I’m stuck. I’m still short on rent, which is due tomorrow (11/5). I’m doing what I can, but it never seems enough. I have other expenses, but they have to wait as well… my phone is off, so no one can call me for an interview. I have a google voice number for messages, but that doesn’t help as much as one would think.

The frustration and stress is very real. Most folks who have steady jobs don’t see it. They don’t always understand what it’s like being poor. It is real, it is frustrating. I’m doing what I can, but it never seems enough.




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