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NaNoWriMo 2015


It’s that time of year again… where we obsess over work counts, drink too much caffeine, duck tape our internal editors to office chairs and shove them in the broom closet in the backs of our brains, and crank out 50K words with some form of a plot and a mix of chairs, characters, settings, penguins, planets, aliens (maybe), cranky old people, animals that might talk, and a few carrots and other assorted frozen veggies.

The month where our freezers tend to be full of quick meals, the coffee pot is almost always on (decaf is the work of Satan), chocolate is our bestest friend in the whole wide world, and editors and naysayers get told to stuff their opinions of NaNo where the sun doesn’t shine because they clench their ass-cheeks too damn hard.

But in all seriousness. No, I can’t be serious. Not right at this moment.

Look, I’ve survived TEN of these. TEN, YOU NAYSAYERS!! I’ve published three. I intend on publishing every damn one. Eventually. In 2008, I wrote while recovering from Cellulitis. 2009, I was recovering from a fractured patella and got 16K down on the final fucking day of NaNoWriMo because I hate losing… to myself. Last year, I had just started grad school, was working PT, and then my dad died on 11/8. So, I’ve had some hellish years. I survived.

This year I’m resurrecting a series of short stories I wrote many, MANY years ago and expanding on them. I won’t include those stories in the final word count, but I will be building on them. This year is the first time I’ll be attempting to use Scrivener, as they provide a free trial for us insane writers. I need to this time because I need to accurately keep track of the characters I already have established. I’m still very much a Pantser, but with pre-existing story, and so much of it, I need to sort all that stuff out in advance so I know who I already have. These short pieces were written roughly 7-12 years ago…. at different stages in my writing life.

I don’t know where this years’ NaNo will take me…. but I’m along for whatever ride my characters offer up. Join me in my madness. I’ll likely post blurbs. I’ve already posted an excerpt of one of those pieces on my Patreon account.




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