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JoJo and #Feline Communication Issues #cats

I have two cats. JoJo, who is 13 (almost 14), and Portia, who is around 10. Portia is a fairly quiet cat. She squeaks, but is otherwise a quiet, overweight (I’m working on it), dilute tortie, over-fluffy ball of cat.

JoJo, on the other hand, is a loudmouthed, sassy, princess-wannabe, orange girl. I love her to pieces. She’s a one-human cat. I… am that human. She clearly chose me. I just paid the fee and buy all her food (she has to eat grain free).

Apparently JoJo’s yowling is rather infamous. I was talking to one of the ladies who does the general housekeeping in the public areas of the building. I mentioned that JoJo can be rather loud. She said she’d heard someone “complain” (apparently out of concern) about a cat on the 3rd floor of my building (where I am) meowing very loudly… and they were concerned said cat might be hurt or in trouble. I told her that no… she’s just loud. Always has been… always will be. She isn’t going deaf or anything… she’s just loud. And VERY vocal. If I knew why, I’d try to work with her about it… but I can’t afford a pet communicator…

I’m half tempted to make up a sign to tape onto my door:

“Yes, I have two cats. Yes, one of them meows very loudly. No, she is not hurt, deaf, sick, or anything else. She’s just very vocal. You aren’t the one she yowls at the ear of early in the morning for breakfast. Consider yourself fortunate. It’s deafening at that distance.”

Really. She is fine. I even tested her hearing last night. TV on, etc… I made a very quiet “tsk” sound with her not facing me. She turned immediately to look at me. Not deaf.

She’s a sassy, loud, sometimes rude (I’m on the toilet, cat, can it wait? No?), but skittish with others, loving with me, pain in the butt cat. And she’s mine. All mine. She may be loud. She may hog my bed (why do you think I give them a small treat of dry food right before I head to bed? the middle is MINE!), wake me up pre-dawn by making me go deaf in one ear, demand lap time as soon as the TV is turned on… but she’s my baby. She and I are inseparable. I can tell you that when it’s her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I will be inconsolable. She is my heart-cat. She is bonded with me and I with her. When one of us isn’t feeling well, so is the other. 

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