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Kai Opaka Cosplay Update

While I won’t be at Rose City Comic Con, I’m going to still finish the costume. But here’s the rundown:

  • Robe is cut out. It’s three pieces and sleeves, so it shouldn’t be difficult to assemble. Okay, so five pieces. Anyway. (There’s enough left over to make a nice little skirt for future work).
  • Cowl test pieces are cut out. I’m using the second choice fabric to test it out.
  • Still need to make the hat, but it isn’t horribly difficult.
  • Earring is mostly done. I keep forgetting to grab the silver paint that’s sitting at the desk so I can lighten the color on the pieces I have to cover up. I used pewter paint, but it’s running too dark.
  • The other jewelry will be easy as well.
  • I finally have a Bajoran nose that works. I want to eventually invest in doing hot foam.

As I said in an earlier post today, I won’t be going to RCCC, but will finish the costume and do some photos…




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