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Sewing and stuff… #KaiOpaka

Kai Fabric Shopping

I managed to get the last of everything needed for the Kai. I misjudged, due to a brain fart, the time I’d need for the car and had to add another half hour. I barely made it back to the Zipcar spot in time. I had forgotten the tapestry-style fabric that drapes across the robe. Whoops.

$34 later, I have something “close” although much too oversized paisley for it, but the colors are good and it has the general look. I also have two yards of chiffon and half a yard of buckram that will be doubled to make the hat. Honestly 1/3 of a yard may have been enough, but shit happens…. especially with me. Hence why I got 6 yards of the shantung. Shit happens. I do my best to be careful, but still… it does happen.

I have a little cleanup around the sewing machine to do today, as well as anchoring things… and then finding a pattern that can be modded for the headcovering. Everything else is me winging it. My mother drafted much more complex patterns than I do with just 2d drawings (mine) and sometimes watching a show or movie to get details down (hence why I have a dead-on replica TNG dress uniform).


On Twitter last night, I said that I would be expanding this blog site to include pages with cosplay pics… which will happen. The page has been started, but most of my pics are AWOL… so it’ll be gradual.

I’ve been hesitant for many years of having my face anywhere publicly online. For personal reasons. I’m not going into that right now. Or probably at any time soon. Some aspects of my past aren’t so great, just leave it at that for now. But right now I’m at the point with that situation that I don’t really give a flying fuck anymore. I’ll put pics up. Whatever I have. In due time, in due time. I have class tonight and tomorrow, so not much today.




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